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HEALTH HELP Internet Resources – Promoting positive body image in sport. – Children’s Mental Health Ontario website which provides links for youth and their families regarding a variety of mental health issues. – Substance use with information about harm reduction strategies. – National website on eating disorders. – Information about drug abuse. – Information about sex and teens. – Youth initiative regarding media-imposed standards of beauty. – Various health issues related to teens. – A free, national, bilingual, confidential and anonymous, 24-hour telephone and online counselling service for kids and teens. – Dating/relationships. – Youth website regarding various mental health issues. – Toronto-based website for teens regarding grief and loss. – Teen site regarding various mental health issues. – Online community space for girls and young women who think for themselves, take a stand and act creatively to bring positive change to their communities and across the globe. – Website for LGBQT youth. – Developed by youth to reduce the myths and misconceptions surrounding mental illness. – Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. – Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. – Youth suicide prevention.  – Worksheets and online games for teens in Grade 7 and up about the possible dangers associated with text messaging. Created by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and the Canadian Wireless Communications Association.  


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