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QEDHS Scholarships and Awards

AWARD OF MERIT– Each year, graduating students are nominated (by QEDHS teachers) for the Award of Merit.  This award recognizes students who go “over and beyond” both academically and extracurricularly.  Students who are nominated will be notified and will be required to write a short essay as to why they feel they deserve to be a recipient of the Award of Merit.  One male and one female will receive the monetary award based on the highest number of voting points given by teachers.      

HOME HARDWARE CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY AWARD–  Awarded to a graduating student for excellence in Construction Technology & Post and Beam Construction.

KPDSB AWARD–  Awarded to graduating students entering different paths: University, College, and workplace, on behalf of the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board.

ONTARIO YOUTH APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM SKILL AND TRADE AWARD– Awarded to a graduate who participated in cooperative education during high school and demonstrated exceptional skill and potential in a trade-related work placement.

QEDHS STAFF BURSARY– Awarded to a graduate who displays excellent qualities as a student.


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